Case study: Texas A&M University-Central Texas

Texas A&M University-Central Texas builds an archive from the ground up

Case story: Participating in the design and build of a new archive facility can be a dream assignment for any archivist. The right room climate, counter space, and scanning technologies were must-haves for the University Archives at Texas A&M University-Central Texas. A Contex IQ Quattro and an IQ FLEX scanner ensure that the finest details in delicate documents, books, and framed photos are picked up and digitized.

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Casestudy: Danish artist finds scanning superior to digital photography

Danish artist finds scanning superior to digital photography

Case story: Color matching is hard to reproduce when digitizing artwork for commercial purposes. Danish artist Sofie Børsting thought that digital photography of her artwork is the only way to achieve the quality she wants. We invited Sofie to visit the Contex demo room in Denmark, where she quickly realized that even the entry-level scanners fulfill her quality demands.

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graphic imaging service_Contex

Graphic Imaging Services captures clients’ assets with exceptional speed

Case story: Artists, businesses, and everyday consumers turn to Graphic Imaging Services (GIS) for high-quality scans and quick turnaround of their valuable hard-copy assets. From blueprints and maps to canvas art and oil paintings, the projects are as varied as its client base. So, when slow equipment started to impact project deadlines, the company purchased a Contex large format scanner. In a matter of three months, the scanner paid for itself. Today, GIS uses the Contex large format scanner for projects that range from high-volume documents to one of a kind artwork.

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