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Ask the scanner experts

October 2023 webinar with HOT TOPIC: HD Apeiron/42: Choose a topic on the list or watch the full webinar below

00:00 Ask the scanner experts
00:33 How to transition into the cultural heritage industry
HD Apeiron/42: Opening doors to new markets
04:37 HD Apeiron/42: Focal length and heights of originals
05:35 HD Apeiron/42: How does the scanner stitch variations in heights?
06:45 HD Apeiron/42: How does the 3D effect option work?
09:14 HD Apeiron/42: Can you specify the laser measurements?
09:52 HD Apeiron/42: Is the scan file saved with 2D or 3D information?
HD Apeiron/42: Can this scanner scan larger than 60 inches?
HD Apeiron/42: Is there a special software needed for FADGI compliance, etc.?
HD Apeiron/42: Multiple color spaces and X-rite color profiling
HD Apeiron/42 compared to a Cruse book scanner
HD Apeiron/42: Are there any reference customers?
What are the real-world color capabilities of Contex scanners?
CIS or CCD? When to choose which technology
HD Apeiron/42: Can you scan a painting in a frame?
HD Apeiron/42: Will it scan through glass?
What is the difference between quad-linear and tri-linear CCDs?

July 2023 webinar with HOT TOPIC: HD Apeiron/42: Choose a topic on the list or watch the full webinar below

00:00 Ask the scanner experts
00:57 Does Contex offer an A0 flatbed?
02:15 HD Ultra X 60: Calibration message about misaligned calibration sheet
04:12 Can I install and use the same Nextimage license on multiple PCs?
06:15 HD Apeiron/42: Does Contex provide any assistance or support regarding business models and marketing skills?
08:05 HD Apeiron/42: Is there a trade-in offer for IQ FLEX?
10:02 HD Apeiron/42: Can the two lights be controlled independently?
11:44 HD Apeiron/42: Where to find videos
12:08 HD Apeiron/42: How do the lamps and software work together to make the 3D effect?
13:44 HD Apeiron/42: How does the scanner compare to other art and flatbed scanners?
14:50 HD Apeiron/42: Is there any ambient light disturbance?
15:51 HD Apeiron/42: Can it scan with one light on, one light off, like on the IQ FLEX flatbed scanner?
17:31 HD Apeiron/42: How calibration and the intelligent software handles the lights
18:41 HD Apeiron/42: Will it scan metallics and other reflective surfaces?
20:18 HD Apeiron/42: How is it benchmarked against competitors?
21:37 HD Apeiron/42: Is the light source controlled in SDK?
22:06 HD Apeiron/42: Will it scan x-rays?
24:14 IQ Quattro X: How fast does it scan A2 documents?
25:16 Which conversion app will it come with?
27:47 HD Apeiron/42: How does it handle framed artwork?
29:37 HD Apeiron/42: What is the required floor space?
32:24 HD Apeiron/42: Are there any plans for adding a suction bed or an extension to the table?
33:03 HD Apeiron/42: How long does it take to assemble and set up the scanner?
37:57 HD Apeiron/42: Is there an oversize option for scanning media larger than 42×60?
39:52 HD Apeiron/42: Are there any regular maintenance tasks?
41:14 HD Apeiron/42: Are there any color profiles?
42:13 HD Apeiron/42: About the high quality (multiple exposure) scanning option
43:17 HD Apeiron/42: Are printer drivers and closed loop calibration (CLC) included?

December 2022 webinar: Choose a topic on the list or watch the full webinar below

00:58 How to get rid of a hue on white backgrounds of color scanned engineering drawings
02:52 Other dis-colorization issues: Certain sections or bands with incorrect colors
03:29 How do I ensure all curves and projections are correctly scanned on my irregularly shaped templates for stained glass?
05:26 Can I use auto sizing with irregular shapes?
07:23 What can be done to improve the auto sizing using Nextimage?
11:24 When to use: Full size auto size, auto width or fixed size?
12:57 Which Contex scanners use stitching and merging of oversize documents?
14:42 Explaining the two different stitching technologies used in flatbed and roll-fed scanners respectively
16:17 Which type of scanner is better for scanning artwork and photos?
21:48 3rd party software suggestions for manual stitching of multiple scans
23:50 How can I reduce the file size of large maps and CAD drawings scanned in high resolution?
28:34 When would you want to use the 8-bit index color in Nextimage?
30:47 Nextimage visualization tools for additive or subtractive color techniques
31:44 How does the white point and black point settings work?
33:56 About real-time adjustments in Nextimage
35:40 What information is tracked in the accounting feature in Nextimage Repro?

October 2022 webinar: Choose a topic on the list or watch the full webinar below

00:55 How well do the Contex scanners scan highlighter color?
05:52 Are there any highlighter colors that are better to use than others?
04:13 Do all the large format scanners on the market come with a dedicated black channel?
06:22 Scanning highlighter colors with a scanner with a dedicated black channel
07:37 Which Nextimage features are best for repetitive (batch) scanning?
11:01 Options within Nextimage that can be used to put focus on productivity
12:13 Nextimage: Exportable statistics data from the “Accounting & Log” feature
13:56 How does Nextimage work with 3rd party raster-to-vector software, like WiseImage?
18:24 About Twain scanning
20:02 Does Nextimage have an oversize document wizard, and what does that do?
22:03 How can Nextimage enlarge a document without pixelization?
26:51 About LZW compression and resolution

August 2022 webinar: Choose a topic on the list or watch the full webinar below

01:24 IQ FLEX flatbed scanner: How many pages a day can you scan?
03:24 Return on investment – workflow calculation (National AZON)
04:25 Zero Turn Scanning Productivity Center (National AZON)
05:02 Batch scanning and automation with Nextimage software
06:13 Stitching with Contex software
08:12 Post-process stitching with 3rd party software
09:18 Which software gives the best result?
10:11 IQ FLEX: How to scan oversize documents
12:13 What is the #1 enemy of all scanners?
14:41 Cleaning the glass plate
16:42 How the design of some feed tables assists cleaning
17:26 Products for cleaning the glass plate
18:53 Technically, what is stitching?
20:33 How can I add cybersecurity to my scanned images? (Digitech Systems/
22:51 Why does our IQ Quattro X sometimes back up the document?
25:05 Explaining ‘the black channel’ in quad-linear CCDs
29:58 Transfer speeds: USB vs. Ethernet
35:22 Follow-up question: ‘The black channel’ – what do we get out of it?
37:53 Follow-up on transfer speed: USB 3.0 and a very large buffer
40:40 About input size, output size, auto size and resize
50:46 The border gets cut off near the edges of the document
57:08 About File mode in Nextimage
57:57 Follow-up on auto size: HD Ultra X automatically finds the closest known paper size

May 2022 webinar: Choose a topic on the list or watch the full webinar below

01:07 Adjusted image crashes the HP print software
06:21 Specks, grey bands, full-length auto size, delays, re-cropping
12:15 The best way to clean the white rollers
13:18 Transparent material leave a slight mark
15:36 Reasons why the scanner backs up the feed sheet
18:10 Causes for the scanning speed to slow down
18:44 Quick test: Test your scanner’s speed
20:13 Software for comparison of scanned images
21:50 Causes for documents skewing during scanning
25:57 Line sensitivity vs. loss of scan data
28:35 Quick tips: How to get rid of artefacts that create lines
33:30 IP addresses and Wi-Fi scanning
36:41 Can you get harder glass components to avoid scratches from usage
38:34 About ‘overwrite file’ prompts
41:23 How to handle document preparation time
45:18 Testing LED lights on IQ Quattro
48:18 Follow-up on “About ‘overwrite file’ prompts”
49:07 Case: Timing the handling of dusty documents: Clean, wipe off, scan

March 2022 webinar: Choose a topic on the list or watch the full webinar below

01:00 Prevent streaks in scans
07:55 What to do if your scanner is no longer OS supported (Windows and Mac)
10:35 Nextimage software differences explained
16:28 How to assist old, crincled or torn documents
20:25 Video: How to replace the top glass
22:10 Scanner stand differences
27:27 Low contrast documents
35:29 Issues concerning network, bandwidth and other local limits
41:20 How to eliminate buttons on the SD One MF and IQ FLEX scanners’ panel