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Ask the scanner experts

May 2022 webinar: Choose a topic on the list or watch the full webinar below

01:07 Adjusted image crashes the HP print software
06:21 Specks, grey bands, full-length auto size, delays, re-cropping
12:15 The best way to clean the white rollers
13:18 Transparent material leave a slight mark
15:36 Reasons why the scanner backs up the feed sheet
18:10 Causes for the scanning speed to slow down
18:44 Quick test: Test your scanner’s speed
20:13 Software for comparison of scanned images
21:50 Causes for documents skewing during scanning
25:57 Line sensitivity vs. loss of scan data
28:35 Quick tips: How to get rid of artefacts that create lines
33:30 IP addresses and Wi-Fi scanning
36:41 Can you get harder glass components to avoid scratches from usage
38:34 About ‘overwrite file’ prompts
41:23 How to handle document preparation time
45:18 Testing LED lights on IQ Quattro
48:18 Follow-up on “About ‘overwrite file’ prompts”
49:07 Case: Timing the handling of dusty documents: Clean, wipe off, scan

March 2022 webinar: Choose a topic on the list or watch the full webinar below

01:00 Prevent streaks in scans
07:55 What to do if your scanner is no longer OS supported (Windows and Mac)
10:35 Nextimage software differences explained
16:28 How to assist old, crincled or torn documents
20:25 Video: How to replace the top glass
22:10 Scanner stand differences
27:27 Low contrast documents
35:29 Issues concerning network, bandwidth and other local limits
41:20 How to eliminate buttons on the SD One MF and IQ FLEX scanners’ panel