License and Activation

With the introduction of the HD Ultra and SD3600 a new activation process has been introduced. Prior to or as part of the installation the scanner must be activated.


On-line activation

If the PC with the scanner has internet connection a simple on-line activation can be performed. Simply click “On-line” and fill in the “License Key” and the rest of the form.


Manual Activation

If there is no internet access on the PC with the scanner, activation is done by creating an “Activation Code” on our license server. Simply connect the license server using a different device to create a Activation Code.


To create the Activation Code the following is needed:

  • License Key
  • Scanner Serial Number (located on the back of the scanner)

Fill out the form and click “Activate”. This will generate the activation code that can be printed, emailed or downloaded.

On the PC with the scanner connected select “Manual” in the activation process and fill in the Activation Code.

For more information on the activation process see the scanner user guide.