Contex – 100 years of inventions

The history of Contex takes its beginning in 1923, where the company Zeuthen & Aagaard A/S originally designed and manufactured printing machines, electrostatic copiers and mechanical and electronic calculators under various names, including Contex. 

Contex: From mechanical calculators to high-end large format scanners in 100 years.


From desktop calculators to large format scanners

But the world changes – and so do we.

By the early 1980s, Contex had evolved into what it is today – the market leader in large format scanning and copying solutions invented, designed and engineered in Denmark.



The company Zeuthen & Aagaard A/S begins the production of ink for duplicating machines and eventually also develops and produces duplicating and calculating machines under the names Rex-Rotary, Gestetner and Contex.

The very first Rex-Rotary duplicating machine

Rex Rotary machine


Zeuthen & Aagaard becomes exclusive dealers of calculators produced by the company Brdr. Carlsen.

Contex half-keyboard adder, Model A, introduced 1946

Contex half-keyboard adder, Model A, introduced 1946


A new factory is built in Gentofte.

Old factory


Another new factory is built in Birkerød, Denmark


Brdr. Carlsen suspends its payments, but the Contex brand survives through several owners

Old Contex brand logo


Contex initiates the development of modular scanning technology


The first Contex large format monochrome scanner is presented at the CeBIT show in Hannover


Brand owner Sysdata A/S changes its company name to Contex A/S


Contex releases a complete line of monochrome scanners.

One of the first Contex scanners

Moves from Birkerød to Rypevang 4 in Allerød, Denmark


A new headquarters is built and Contex moves to its current address on Svanevang 2, Allerød, Denmark

Contex headquarters in Denmark


Contex launches its first large format color scanner


Contex is sold to holding company EQT Group


Vidar Systems Corporation is acquired


Ownership switches to Ratos

Acquires Ideal Scanners and Systems

Contex is now the worldwide top distributor of large format scanners


Contex introduces Nextimage software for large format scanning

Nextimage logo


Ownership switches to Procuritas

Product introduction: HD Ultra – large format CCD scanner

Contex large format scanner HD Ultra


Contex is now a brand under Global Scanning A/S, and the 10 years since have seen a long list of innovative product launches

Global Scanning logo


Product launch: HD iFLEX – the first flatbed scanner

HD iFlex flatbed scanner from Contex


Product launch: IQ Quattro – large format CIS scanner

Contex large format scanner IQ Quattro

Product launch: ScanStation

ScanStation product


ScanStation receives an upgrade to ScanStation PRO – The professional’s scanner

ScanStation Pro


Product launch: SD One+

SD One+


Product launch: IQ FLEX large format flatbed scanner

IQ FLEX flatbed scanner from Contex


Introducing HD Ultra X – the World’s first 60 inch CCD scanner

HD Ultra X


Ownership switches to Riddargatan SPV S AB

Product launch: IQ Quattro X series – the 5th generation of Contex CIS scanners

IQ Quattro X

Introduction of Nextimage Remote app

Nextimage Remote


Contex builds a new distribution center at Svanevang 4

Contex distribution center

Contex introduces its first contact-free large format art scanner, HD Apeiron/42

HD Apeiron/42 art scanner from Contex


Oct 23rd, 2023

Contex 100 years in business