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What determines a successful large format scanning process?

Improve scanner image quality

What to consider

To deliver the best scans in the world at the fastest speeds with the highest quality, you need to make certain scanner requirements fit together and work in concert.

In the videos below, Contex’s Director of Support Services, Dan Bennett, presents the top four requirements that are crucial to the success of any large format scanning process:

  • Hardware design (1:54)
  • Software options (2:44)
  • Productivity and flexibility (1:31)
  • Image quality (2:41)
Why it matters - Hardware

Hardware design

Many design features built into a Contex scanner may not be noticeable at first glance. However, once you put the scanner to use, together they make all the difference between a good and a bad scanning experience.

This video explains five hardware design features that we have made to improve your overall ownership experience.

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Why it matters: Software options

Software options

Good scanning software creates a workflow that makes using the scanner easier, faster and, most importantly, provides you with an image quality that is equal to and most often better than the original.

Find out why Nextimage software is a powerful tool, regardless if your need is high productivity or outputting to a printer.

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Why it matters: Productivity and flexibility

Productivity and flexibility

Productivity and flexibility go hand in hand. To be productive, the scanner must be flexible and conform to your specialized workflows without interruption.

It really comes down to how many finished and stored scans can be produced in an hour.

4 requirements for a successful large format scanning process

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Why it matters: Image quality

Scanner image quality

The scanner image quality and accuracy is the result of designing and combining the right hardware and software technology.

Contex develops both CCD and CIS scanning technologies with this goal in mind.

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