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Book scanner

We’ve all done our “copy machine duty”. Struggling with scanning one page at a time seemed like a never-ending story back then. With a Contex scanner, you get exactly what you need to make that process a whole lot easier. With features like page split and auto spine fold elimination you eliminate all the frustrations related to book scanning and the whole process is considerably more efficient.

You turn the page – Contex does the book scanning

A simple counter will count the pages for you – just turn the page. When you are ready just press the scan key on the scanner and the process begins. The flexibility of the Contex IQ Flex flatbed scanner makes it the perfect choice for book scanning.

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Nextimage keeps your scans organized

Our award-winning software is excellent for many different tasks; book scanning is one of them.

With Nextimage’s Book scanning function, you can scan a book with ease. By using the Multipage PDF file format the software makes sure that everything is in the right order – page by page – and compiled in one single document.

But that is not all our software can do.

Nextimage brings out unseen details and restores even the faintest originals. Digitize and restore monochrome originals with unique adaptive filters and advanced background suppression.

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Automatic book size detection, page split and spine data removal make this a device with an assured ROI (return on investment) performance.

The flexibility of IQ FLEX enables book scanning with page separation and saving to multi-page formats.  All you need to do is turn the page and start scanning. Pages are numbered, split, and the files are placed in the right order – ready for reading.


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