Scan to digitize your artworks

Scanners for artworks

Scan artwork and paintings with instant color accuracy

Art museums, galleries, textile designers, fabric manufacturers and copy shops all welcome a solution that can safeguard their treasures and originals with a technology that respects and protects. Museum shops and copy shops need to ensure that the art they reproduce maintains its original details and color fidelity, whether for sale or archival purposes.

With HD Apeiron/42, Contex provides a contact-free scanning process with full light control and no UV/IR radiation, making it the first choice when your job is to safely scan large format fine art, delicate documents, and textiles without the risk of wear and tear.

Get a life-like surface reproduction of any artwork

If you need to emphasize the unique surface details of artwork and paintings, for example, online or in print, a contact-free scanner with adjustable light and a 3D effect option in the software is the solution.

Software tailored for your ease of operation

The Nextimage Apeiron software heightens the user-friendliness together with the adjustable touchscreen of HD Apeiron/42. The software aptly supports the unique way of working when using a contact-free scanner for scanning artwork or paintings. See below how to test the Nextimage Apeiron software for free with a 30-day trial – no scanner required.

Scanners for artworks

Need to scan flat artwork?

See our face-down flatbed scanner, IQ FLEX.

Flatbed scanner for artwork
Nextimage Apeiron A icon artwork and textile scanning software

Give life to paintings and other types of artwork

The software for HD Apeiron/42 is built on Nextimage, our award-winning software known for its complete set of tools, filters, and automated processes for scanning large format documents.

It includes a closed loop calibration (CLC), a Contex technology that matches the scanned image with any paper on any printer.

Try Nextimage Apeiron software for 30 days – no cost, and no scanner needed.

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Scanning art and paintings with HD Apeiron/42

Contact-free scanning of art

HD Apeiron/42 uses unparalleled technology to accurately digitize artwork and paintings and deliver lifelike results.

Need to scan fragile, thick or large originals?

See our face-up and contact-free scanner, HD Apeiron/42.

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HD Apeiron/42 art scanner logo

Scan larger originals of up to 42×60 in (1067×1524 mm) with HD Apeiron/42, a flexible scanner with natural light LEDs that do not compromise on scan quality and reliability when digitizing original artwork, fine art and textiles. The contact-free and face up scanning approach of HD Apeiron/42 provides an even safer scanning process.

HD Apeiron/42 scanner for artwork, textiles and other fragile originals

HD Apeiron/42

IQ FLEX flatbed scanner logo

With an image scan area of maximum 19.2×25.2 inches (487×639.6 mm), IQ FLEX is a great choice for scanning small and medium sized artwork and photos. Just place the original gently on the flatbed scanner and your art is perfectly safe while being scanned. In addition, IQ FLEX has a feature which intelligently stiches oversized pieces together making the maximum scanning size Arch D-size (24×36 inches)/ISO A1 (610×914 mm).IQ FLEX scanner for art, photos. large documents and moreIQ FLEX