Drexel Technologies wins RSA member loyalty program

News: Chantilly, VA – February 23, 2023: Drexel Technologies secures the top spot in the annual RSA Loyalty Program, earning a Contex IQ Quattro X scanner worth $4,800. Celebrating increased sales and robust partnerships, this win underscores Drexel’s longstanding collaboration with industry giants Contex and National / AZON.

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Contex Updates Firmware for Select Large Format Scanners

News: Chantilly, VA — January 21, 2022: Contex releases a firmware update for its IQ FLEX and SD One MF scanners, empowering users to customize control panel menus for efficient workflows. The innovation, spurred by customer feedback, reaffirms Contex’s commitment to delivering tailored scanning solutions.

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Standalone scanners vs MFP multi-function printer solutions

Standalone scanner vs MFP

Article: When to choose a standalone scanner or an MFP solution? Scanning expert Doyle Cryer of National / AZON explains the differences.

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Capturing Canada’s storied history

Case study: Searching for information in the archive at Fort St. John North Peace Museum was like looking for a needle in a haystack. But with an HD Ultra X/Canon system installed and in use, assets are now retrievable from the digital archive in seconds.

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New IQ Quattro X scanner series

News: Leading the large format scanning realm, Contex introduces the IQ Quattro X, optimized for high-volume precision scanning in 36- and 44-inch widths. Jacob Bendix of Contex touts it as a game-changer, merging unparalleled speed with cutting-edge features.

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High-end reproductions draw new revenue streams

Case study: Artists may not always want to sell their original artwork. Fortunately, they can sell copies at a fraction of the cost – a win for artists and art connoisseurs alike – as long as the reproduction is as good as the original.

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