IT8 Files for Scanner Maintenance
The Color Calibration process in the Scanner Maintenance program uses an IT8 data (.it8) file to specify color patch values on the IT8 Calibration sheet.

Mass production of IT8 Calibration sheets unavoidably results in slight differences between production batches. This means that the Color Patch Reference values in one batch of IT8 Calibration sheets do not necessarily match those in another production batch. Color matching and calibration can be improved by using your IT8 Calibration sheet with an IT8 data file that corresponds to the sheet’s production batch.

An IT8 Calibration sheet is marked with its production batch number. An example of such a batch number is C90317xx. This web section will be updated with IT8 files corresponding to each production batch as they are released. The name of an IT8 data file corresponds to the batch number. In order to use the IT8 data file that corresponds to your IT8 Calibration sheet follow the steps described below.

NOTE: The IT8 data file that originally came with the Scanner Maintenance program can also be downloaded from the list if you ever need to return to your starting point.

  • Locate the file named with the same batch number as found on your IT8 Calibration sheet.
  • Click on the link.
  • In the “File download” dialog click “Save”.
  • For destination Browse and select the Scanner Maintenance folder (normally found in the software group folder under Program Files).