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High-end reproductions draw new revenue streams

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ART2art is a gallery in Las Vegas where artists and art connoisseurs can find solace and inspiration. On any given day, gallery visitors can take in artwork from more than 30 artists. Some days, visitors will even find resident artists creating new masterpieces or chatting with guests as they stroll through the gallery. However, not everyone can travel to Las Vegas to visit the gallery, especially with the safety precautions arising from the pandemic of 2020. But the show must go on, and ART2art found a way, and it starts with a scan.

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Challenge: Reproducing art

Creating art is a labor of love, but once an artist sells a masterpiece, it’s gone forever. For this reason, artists are sometimes hesitant to sell their originals.

ART2art encourages its resident artists to create reproductions of their originals, especially when some pieces can fetch upwards of $100,000. The liability alone is reason enough to make a reproduction.

Few artists, however, are inclined to paint an exact replica of their work, and photographing artwork is only acceptable by insurance companies’ standards.

The rest of the world wants more.

Solution: How it’s done

Today, high-quality scans provide the most effective means for reproducing artwork.

ART2art sends all its artists to Graphic Imaging Services (GIS), a local reprographics and Contex scanning shop.

GIS exclusively uses Contex large format scanners such as the Contex IQ FLEX flatbed scanner for thick, framed or dimensional artwork. Vivid colors are color-matched in seconds and brush strokes are as faint or accurate as the artists desire.

Once scans are completed, GIS shares the file with ART2art to print using an Epson SureColor 64-inch large format eco-solvent printer.

The technology is so advanced that sometimes even the artists can’t tell the difference between an original and a reproduction.

Results: New revenue streams

The biggest sellers of reproduced artwork at ART2art are leading artists Eliane Balsewich and Rocky Asbury. The artists enjoy embellishing reproductions for their loyal customers. They also use the scanned images to show vivid details in their online stores and to promote their artwork via social media.

Artists appreciate the opportunity to share their work with as many people as possible. Now with the high-quality reproductions, they can.


“Artists love having reproductions of their work, and customers love that they can get a copy at a fraction of the cost of an original.”

— Heiko Katins,
ART2art Gallery

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