graphic imaging service_Contex

Graphic Imaging Services captures clients’ assets with exceptional speed

Artists, businesses, and everyday consumers turn to Graphic Imaging Services (GIS) for high-quality scans and quick turnaround of their valuable hard-copy assets. From blueprints and maps to canvas art and oil paintings, the projects are as varied as its client base. So, when slow equipment started to impact project deadlines, the company purchased a Contex large format scanner. In a matter of three months, the scanner paid for itself. Today, GIS uses the Contex large format scanner for projects that range from high-volume documents to one of a kind artwork.

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perry county office_contex

Perry County Office builds its digital archive one land survey at a time

Since land surveys play a vital role to a variety of parties, from landowners and buyers to architects and construction firms, municipalities like Ohio’s Perry County Office, can get busy processing these documents in timely and efficient manner. So when demand for the land surveys significantly increased, along with the cost-per-copy, the staff knew it was time to switch from photocopying to scanning. By digitising every document that came in and out of their office, they would have better control of these valuable assets. The scanner did more than just speed up the process; it also impacted the bottom line. The County Office’s financial gains were notable, and so were its immediate impact to the environment.

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