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Dynamic Reprographics takes on new scanning projects with ease

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Dynamic Reprographics is a 44-year old company with a large customer base of architects, engineers, and others in the construction industry. Customers regularly turn to the reprographics shop to produce RFQ presentations, blueprints and scans.

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A mediocre scanner can create a host of challenges. For Dynamic Reprographics, poor image quality and a non-intuitive interface made scanning a frustrating endeavor. Some large projects couldn’t even be accepted because the post-scanning editing time was cost prohibitive.


The reprographics shop brought in an IQ Quattro Contex scanner to do side by side comparisons with its existing scanner. The difference was like night and day. Easy to use, high quality results, and automated functionality drew praise from the team.


Dynamic Reprographics can easily handle projects of all sizes, and deliver quality results at a fraction of the time. The shop is now courting new client in the arts communities for scanning projects it couldn’t accept before.


“Our job is to make our customers look good so they can win more business.”

— Jarrett Hirtz
Color Production Manager,
Dynamic Reprographics

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