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Danish artist finds scanning superior to digital photography

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Danish artist Sofie Børsting creates an illustrated line of products that sells in some of the finest design shops in Scandinavia and around the world. The artwork is made from a combination of carefully hand drawn botanical elements, collage and gouache with details that needs to be preserved – also when digitized for further production.

If you ask Sofie Børsting, it is crucial to any artist that digitized versions of their originals do the artwork justice. Therefore, quality is the focal point of any investment.

We invited Sofie to visit the Contex demo room in Denmark, where she quickly realized that even the entry-level scanners fulfill her quality demands. It was surprising to her that all Contex scanners deliver up to 1200  dpi, even the flatbed. Most of the time a 1:1 scan of her originals is enough. However, when originals are digitized with the aim of printing on, for example, wallpaper and pillow cases, 1200 dpi really widens your options.

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Color matching is hard to reproduce when digitizing artwork for commercial purposes. Danish artist Sofie Børsting thought that digital photographing her artwork is the only way to achieve the quality she wants. However, that is an expensive and time-consuming solution.


IQ FLEX large format flatbed scanner from Contex is an optimal alternative to digital photography of artwork. Different types of originals with different kinds of paint and media is easily digitized – all on the same scanner.


Taking into consideration that this is a lifetime investment for an artist like Sofie Børsting, the cost of digitizing artwork with the IQ FLEX scanner compared to a photographer would be significantly lower. And this is without compromising the high quality you get from a photographer.


“If artists are looking for great color reproduction, they will be happy with the IQ FLEX.”

— Sofie Børsting, Danish artist

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