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City of Houston rebuilds

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2017’s Hurricane Harvey was one of the costliest tropical storms ever to hit the U.S. But the City of Houston is rebuilding, and like every city and small town across the U.S., the Houston Permitting Center plays an important role in building safety and infrastructure planning. With each new rebuild or remodel, City staff reviews the project drawings and maps — submitted by landowners, architects, engineers, and contractors — to ensure the projects meet the City’s building code regulations and infrastructure design requirements.

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Devastated by Hurricane Harvey, the City of Houston is rebuilding. Hundreds of blueprints flow daily into its Houston Permitting Center, each one needing to be scanned with speed and accuracy. Any oversight could result in an unsafe build.


The City of Houston implemented a Contex IQ Quattro large format scanner, which produces fast scans with exceptional accuracy. The scanner gives staffers the confidence to easily process the high volume of documents they receive on a daily basis.


Disaster recovery takes resilience and the proper tools to get the job done right. Accurate scans and an efficient scanning workflow make the Contex scanner an essential tool to facilitate the speedy recovery of the nation’s 4th largest city.


“The quality of the Contex scanner is consistent, and that saves us valuable time.”

— Kevin Fritz,
Management Analyst,
City of Houston

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