HD Apeiron/42


Stay true to the original

HD Apeiron/42 scans fine art and artwork, artifacts, building materials, and textiles as well as various types of delicate documents and other media.

Scroll down to see how the scannings with HD Apeiron/42 result in high-quality images with extremely life-like surface sensations.


 Key features

  • Scan sizes up to 42 x 60 x 5.1″
  • Versatile 3D effect, including four options for different angles of lighting
  • Up to 1200 dpi high optical resolution
  • Complies with FADGI (4 stars) and ISO 19264-1
  • Energy Star 3.0 certified
  • ICC Color Management is powered by X-Rite®

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Multiple exposure scanning for extra high quality

Images scanned with multiple exposures have enhanced color depth and overall improved image quality and will comply with various image quality standards, such as FADGI**** (4 stars) and ISO 19264-1.

Scanning details:

  • Quality option ‘ON’ (multiple exposures)
  • 600 dpi
  • Both lamps down
  • 3D effect at +60

Blue-yellow painting

Acrylic on canvas

This test painting allows you see how well various parts of an uneven surface show up in a scanning with 3D effects enabled.

Download full image

Download (450 MB)

Acrylic on canvas Art scanner blue and yellow painting example quality scan

The sandburied church

Oil pastels, charcoal and pencil on paper

Even the smallest raised or indented stroke in this drawing is fully saved for the future with a scanning with HD Apeiron/42.

Zoom in to see how the scanning with multiple exposures has kept all the lifelike details.

Download full image

Download (217 MB)

Sandburied church scanned by HD Apeiron/42

Pisces zodiac sign


Notice how the embroidery stitches stand out and the craftmanship comes to life with the multiple exposure scanning and 3D effect.

The multiple exposures add color depth to every single stich.

Download full image

Download (59 MB)

HD Apeiron/42 embroidery scanning quality example

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Product page

Tips and guidelines for HD Apeiron/42 and Nextimage Apeiron

More 1-minute videos

The complete video series is a compilation of 16 tips and guidelines designed to assist users of HD Apeiron/42 contact-free scanner in achieving an optimal scanning experience.

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3D effect scanning

The HD Apeiron/42 3D effect adds lifelike sensations to both canvas texture and paint strokes. Your images will appear as if hanging on an exhibition wall and lit from above – both online and in print.

Scanning details:

  • Both lamps down
  • No 3D effect vs. full 3D effect at +100

Orange painting

Acrylic with glossy medium on canvas

This test painting has thick layers of acrylic paint on a very coarse canvas. The black acrylic paint is mixed with a glossy medium which enhances the natural sheen and luminosity of the color but also makes it susceptible to reflections.

Notice how HD Apeiron/42 handles both black and reflections seamlessly.

Download full image (600 dpi)

Download (72 MB)

HD Apeiron/42 3D comparison Orange canvas


Acrylic paint and black fineliner pens added to a digital image printed on canvas by a large format printer 

‘Cups’ are printed on a very fine type of canvas. With no 3D effect added, you get a very smooth looking surface, appearing almost flat. Adding 3D effect lets the added strokes of paint on the edge of the cup stand out, as well as adding life to the solid colored yellow background.

Download full image (300 dpi)

Download (11 MB)

HD Apeiron/42 3D comparison Cup

Three birds

Watercolor on paper 

The difference in these two extreme levels of zero and maximum 3D effect is clearly noticeable on the special texture of watercolor paper. Also, any warping or wobbling paper edges are almost entirely eliminated when scanning with HD Apeiron/42 – regardless of the level of 3D effect. See more in the Illumination section below.

Download full image (1200 dpi)

Download (299 MB)

HD Apeiron/42 scanning of a watercolor with 3D effects at 0 and +100

Guatemalan huipil

Embroidered textile

This piece of embroidered textile is once again an example of how much life the added 3D effect can put into an otherwise flat-looking material.

Download full image (300 dpi)

Download (25 MB)

HD Apeiron/42 3D comparison Huipil textile


Medicine package

Manufacturers of any type of packaging material that requires braille embossed into the cardboard can scan and archive legible image files for documentation – even in only 300 dpi as this one.

Maximum 3D effect makes it possible.

Download full image (300 dpi)

Download (1 MB)

Medicine packaging example scan compared 3D effect and none

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Product page

Live stitching with unique laser technique

Contex’ well-known expertise in calibration and stitching is as present in HD Apeiron/42 as in any of our scanners.

HD Apeiron/42 live-stitches its six cameras using five FDA approved lasers to ensure a 100% correct live stitching result. The cameras consist of Fujifilm lenses and quad-linear Toshiba color CCDs.

Scanning details:

  • 300 dpi
  • Both lamps up

Hand drawn map from Denmark

Fineliners on paper lined on cardboard, textile edges

Due to the size (28 x 36 in / 715 x 914 mm) this map uses all 6 cameras and 5 lasers to scan and stitch the image.

Download full image

Download (247 MB)

Danish map scanned with HD Apeiron/42

Printed map from Japan

Print on paper

When an original like this flat, printed map is even the slightest wrinkled or has wavy edges, it can be hard to scan but the ‘Uneven surface’ setting ensures correct stitching.

Download full image

Download (108 MB)

Japanese map scanned with HD Apeiron/42

Single color originals

Scanning seemingly black and white originals in color is known to add life to the resulting image. Opting for a slight 3D effect also produces a sensation of depth in the material.

Scanning details:

  • 600 dpi
  • Both lamps down
  • 3D effect at +60


Fineliner on paper

While the many pen strokes add 3D-like sensations to the strands of hair in this drawing, the 3D effect in HD Apeiron/42 also adds 3D effect to the paper.

Download (196 MB)

Hairdo line drawing example scan with art scanner HD Apeiron/42

Graphic print

One-color etching

The 3D effect is very noticeable in this scanning of an original where the passepartout clearly casts a downward shadow.

Download (164 MB)

Graphic print example scan with art scanner HD Apeiron/42

Reflective, shiny and metallic surfaces

Because HD Apeiron/42 has four options for different angles of lighting, it is always possible to find a lamp position that allows shiny or partly shiny originals to scan with all details showing.


American silver dollar

Maximum 3D effect lets the relief on any coin stand out perfectly and show any letters legible.

Download (2 MB)

High quality scanning of american silver dollar with contact free HD Apeiron/42 scanner

Porcelain dish

Silver and gold porcelain dish

Notice how the different lamp positions change how the metallic strokes look – no 3D effect is used.

More about lamp positions in the ‘Illumination’ section below.

Download (14 MB)

Shiny dish example scan lamp position of art scanner HD Apeiron/42

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Illumination and lamp positions

No matter if you choose to include the 3D effect or not, your end result is influenced by how you position the two lamps, and thereby the angles of how the light hits your original during scanning.

HD Apeiron/42 offers four different lamp positions

The four options for lighting are made possible by the easily accessible levers on each side of the scan module moving the two adjustable lamps. Each lamp is with dual LED strips mounted in elliptical reflectors. LED spectrums are 2,700K/ 5,000K/, 6,500K and the museum-correct light with no UV/IR radiation uniformly illuminates in all three dimensions, while the scan module shields off ambient light.

The ‘Illumination’ setting in the software indicates where and how much the highlights and shadows will affect the result – depending on how you position the lamps:

The different lamp positions that makes HD Apeiron/42 a unique art scanner

Instant highlight and shadows effect

Even without the 3D effect enabled, you can get a subtle shadow and highlight effect by scanning your original with the left lamp in the ‘up’ position, and the right lamp in the ‘down’ position. This gives the image an instant look as if being lit from above.

Here it’s a small section of the blue and yellow test painting, scanned in 600 dpi with the lamps set that way (up/down):

Artwork test scan with HD Apeiron/42

Uniform light across the entire scan line

Just as you can emphasize shadows and highlights, it is also possible to minimize undesirable effects, as seen in this example with a watercolor where the badly prepped paper warps and buckles.

Right out of the scanner, with no post-editing at all, the image shows almost no differences in the white areas of the paper, despite the warping edges. By adjusting the 3D values you change how much light from which lamp is used in the final image – the higher the value, the bigger the highlight/shadow effect. Which number to end up with is often a matter of personal preference.

Left: 0, middle: +50, right: +100. Both lamps are set in the ‘down’ position:

HD Apeiron/42, a scanning of a watercolor showing 3D effects at 0, +50 and +100

See more about
Nextimage Apeiron software

Software page

User interface of Nextimage Apeiron software

The award-winning large format scanning software Nextimage is the base of Nextimage Apeiron software specially developed for the HD Apeiron/42 scanner.

Pre scanning

  • Choose between presets or make and save your own
  • Change parameters, if needed
  • Position table and focus plane

Pre scanning software screenshot HD Apeiron/42

Post scanning options

  • Adjust levels and other parameters after scanning, if needed
  • Adjust 3D effect after scanning, if activated

Post scanning software screenshot HD Apeiron/42

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