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Graphic Imaging Services captures clients’ assets with exceptional speed

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Artists, businesses, and everyday consumers turn to Graphic Imaging Services (GIS) for high-quality scans and quick turnaround of their valuable hard-copy assets.

From blueprints and maps to canvas art and oil paintings, the projects are as varied as its client base. So, when slow equipment started to impact project deadlines, the company purchased a Contex large format scanner.

In a matter of three months, the scanner paid for itself. Today, GIS uses the Contex large format scanner for projects that range from high-volume documents to one of a kind artwork.


Graphic Imaging Services (GIS) was tasked to scan a large volume of assets for a customer, but the speed of its existing scanning equipment hindered productivity.


The 42-inch Contex large format scanner provides productivity for high volume scanning, and flexibility to capture fine art, lightweight paper, thick and rigid media up to 15mm.


With high-quality results at lightning-quick speed, GIS was able to finish the scanning project ahead of schedule. The Contex scanner paid for itself in three months, and the versatile device is used for a variety of scanning projects.

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“The Contex scanner paid for itself in the first three months. We had the speed and image quality to make our project successful.”

— Lisa Desautels,
CEO, Graphic Imaging Services

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