CAD & engineering

Large format scanners that fit all your CAD applications

Scanners for CAD and engineering

Integrate paper into your workflow

CAD applications are based on analogue information. This is not compatible with a digital workplace and will slow down your workflow.

Contex has solutions which will bring you back on the digital track – the latest innovations in wide format document scanning allows you to integrate CAD originals into your digital (CAD) workflow. All Contex scanning solutions are designed to provide a smooth workflow and outstanding image quality for all scanning needs, but for this kind of job the stand-alone scanners clean-up features and unparalleled scan speeds are perfect. And it will also connect with your large format printers.

With Contex you get fast, crisp, and sharp scans of regular and oversized documents. Scan and collaborate with more power in every pixel.

Scanners for CAD and engineering

A Contex solution provides:

  • Image quality required for raster to vector conversions
  • Fast scanning speeds up to 14 ips in color
  • Award-winning scanning software
  • Cloud solutions for sharing information without printing
  • Direct printer drivers with all major large format printer brands
Nextimage 5-icon in white

Clean up and get crisp text and lines

With Nextimage’s Black and White Point adjustment and Sharpen Filter, you can easily clean up your scan results to look as new. The benefit of a cleaned up scan is that it will minimize your file-size as well.  But that is not all our software can do. Nextimage brings out unseen details and restores even the faintest originals. Scan in vibrant color in sRGB, Adobe RGB or even scan and save full 48-bit file with selected scanners. If color scanning is not in your daily workflow, digitize and restore monochrome originals using unique adaptive filters, advanced background suppression and black and white point settings bringing old or even coffee stained documents back to life.

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“Whether we’re converting raster to vector or using an image as a background in CAD, Contex scans deliver the quality and accuracy that impress our customers require.”

– Scott Carter, President, Digital Data Services

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