Software Development Kit (SDK)

You can access and download the latest versions of the Contex Software Development Kit here.

The Contex Software Development Kit versions are protected by a registration code required during installation. To acquire the registration code that will enable full installation of the Software Development Kit, we ask that you register with us. After registering you will receive an e-mail containing the registration code for complete installation of your downloaded Software Development Kit application. The registration code will be reusable for future updates.

If you have already registered as a Software Development Kit user, and have received your registration code, proceed to the Download SDK tab to access the latest versions.

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The tools available for downloading in this area are useful for developers of software that will interface with Contex scanners.


The Contex Software Development Kit (SDK) describes the Application Programming Interface (API) to be used by a scanner application to control a Contex scanner. The SDK also contains a small 32 / 64 bit sample application that shows how to make a simple scan application.

It is recommended to use the SDK whenever the Nextimage TWAIN interface does not solve your needs.


Registration Code Needed.

This downloadable software object is protected by a registration code that is only obtainable by registering as an SDK user.

Please register if you do not have the code.

32 and 64-bit Software Development Kit (SDK)