Digitize photos and other highly delicate originals

Scanners for photos

Sharp, high-quality scans of photos

Safe-keeping original photos for the future is an important part of heritage preservation. The process requires digitizing originals that can sometimes be both fragile and exceptionally unique. With a flatbed scanner, where you place the original face down on a non-moving glass-plate, you are in total control when scanning artwork and photos. It is all in your careful hands, and the scanning results are sharp and with accurate colors.

Oversize photo scanning

At Contex we continuously develop features which enables you to work smarter before, during, and after scanning. Our flatbed scanner, IQ FLEX scans originals up to Arch C/ISO A2, but sometimes you may even need to scan originals that are larger than the scan glass size. And with the built-in stitching feature, you can scan originals with sizes up to Arch D/ISO A1.

The integrated computer allows you to change the settings directly on the touchscreen. Editing and final adjustments are easily done afterwards, for example in our award-winning software Nextimage 5. See below on how to test the software for free with a 30-day trial.

Faster scanning

Scanning large amounts of photos may require a faster workflow than that of a flatbed scanner. For those kinds of tasks, we offer the large format CCD scanner HD Ultra X. This scanner comes in three different widths (36, 42 and 60 inches) and even features a specialized feather mode, where the scanner scans fragile originals, such as old photos, gently. HD Ultra X scans up to 15 mm thick originals.

Scanners for photos

Need to scan fragile, thicker or even larger originals?

See our face-up and contact-free scanner, HD Apeiron/42.

Scanner for artwork
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Preserve and give life to photos

Get the very best version of any original artwork or photo when scanned. Our software provides the very best options in color management, close loop calibration (CLC) and ICC profiles. Nextimage brings out unseen details and restores even the faintest originals, all in perfect and accurate color.

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Oversize photo scanning on IQ FLEX video

See how to scan oversize photos

Scan photos in sizes up to Arch D/ISO A1 using Contex IQ FLEX flatbed scanner

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With an image scan area of maximum 19.2×25.2 inches (487×639.6 mm), IQ FLEX is a great choice for scanning small and medium sized photos. Just place the original gently on the flatbed scanner and even fragile photos are perfectly safe while being scanned. In addition, IQ FLEX has a feature which intelligently stiches oversized pieces together making the maximum scanning size Arch D-size (24×36 inches)/ISO A1 (610×914 mm).IQ FLEX scanner for photos, art and moreIQ FLEX

HD Apeiron/42 art, photos, textile scanner logo

Scan originals of up to 42×60 inches (1067×1524 mm) with HD Apeiron/42, a flexible scanner with natural light LEDs that do not compromise on scan quality and reliability when digitizing originals. The contact-free and face up scanning approach of HD Apeiron/42 provides an even safer scanning process. HD Apeiron/42 is more than a scanner; it’s an assurance of flawless preservation.

HD Apeiron/42 scan photos, art and textiles

HD Apeiron/42

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