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Perry County Office builds its digital archive one land survey at a time

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Since land surveys play a vital role to a variety of parties, from landowners and buyers to architects and construction firms, municipalities like Ohio’s Perry County Office, can get busy processing these documents in timely and efficient manner.

So when demand for the land surveys significantly increased, along with the cost-per-copy, the staff knew it was time to switch from photocopying to scanning. By digitising every document that came in and out of their office, they would have better control of these valuable assets.

The scanner did more than just speed up the process; it also impacted the bottom line. The County Office’s financial gains were notable, and so were its immediate impact to the environment.


The cost of photocopying land surveys was taking a toll on Ohio’s Perry County Office. In one year, staffers would fulfill up to 8,000 requests for copies of surveys. But as the cost of leasing, servicing and using its photocopier continued to grow, the staff at the County Office wanted better solution.


Digitally capturing the maps and drawings was an attractive option for the County Office. With each scanned document, the County Office could also build a digital archive. The County Office purchased a Contex large format scanner with Nextimage Repro. The scanner is connected to an existing HP large format printer for hard copies.


Since most customers prefer digital versions of land surveys at the Perry County Office, the Contex large format scanner is in constant use. The powerful scanner is fundamental in helping to build its digital archive of maps, while protecting aging documents from becoming lost or damaged.


  • Municipality
  • Perry County, Ohio
  • 44-inch CIS scanner
  • Digital archive


“We didn’t anticipate the huge savings in time and resources we would get from a scanner.”

— Jason Fulk,
GIS Specialist, Perry County Engineer’s Office

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