Enhancements tools


Adaptive thresholding algorithm

Nextimage  comes with a B&W algorithm which combines background cleaning and preservation of grayscales in one mode. Usefull for cleaning up new originals and for low contrast blueprints.

Color Palette tool

With the palette tool, you can pick and reduce colors producing extra crispy scans while dramatically reducing files size of scanned documents.

Black/White point control

Brighten up your scans by controlling the darkest /lightest point of your scans by adjusting the black / white points.

Closed Loop Calibration (CLC)

Nextimage  comes with built-in closed loop calibration for managing colors when making copies. The CLC wizard helps you create a media profile which is optimized for the particular media in the printer. Simply print a reference pattern on your printer, and then scan it to create the perfect relationship between your scanner and printer.

ICC Color Management

Nextimage supports ICC/ICM profiles. It can embed ICC profiles in scanned files, whether it is JPG, JPEG 2000 or TIFF, preserving colors when files are loaded into other applications.

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