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MFP - Multi-function printer

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For scanning, choose a scanner, not a copier


Very often it is not enough to just copy and scan. You will need to increase the value of your originals by enhancing the quality and optimizing them for your specific tasks.

When upgrading from a regular MFP solution to a Contex solution, these are just some of the advantages:

  • Improved scanning speed with our PC-driven fully functional Nextimage software compared to MFP solutions with limited built-in processors
  • Using your existing PC equipment and network LAN lowers the cost of ownership
  • You are not limited to just one print device as we support 300+ printers for copying
  • Full ICC color management support ensure that your images look the same – or better than the original
  • Our stand-alone MFP solution does not require you to purchase a printer when you may only need a scanner
  • Stand-alone scanners are ergo­nomically positioned at a lower level to support easy document loading and ease of use for the operator
  • We offer full SDK support if you need absolute development customization of your workflow

Output from a regular multi-function printer (MFP) versus a Contex solution

Output from a regular multi-function printer (MFP) versus a Contex solution

Multi-function printers produces copies of originals. A Contex solution offers scanned, copied or shared results, all optimized to the right quality, right format, right destination, right file format, etc.


MFP - Get the Contex extras

IQ Quattro X 36 MFP Repro with HP Designjet T520


  • In a collaborative work environment, a large format scanner can enable simple sharing of concepts, drawing changes, etc.
  • Connect to your network, work­stations, and printers. Scan to email and shared file servers


  • Maintain an online history so you can easily go back and re-purpose an image held in queue
  • Accounting features helps tracking scans, document size, file formats, scan type, copying, etc.


  • A solution that fits with your existing printers and office environment and provides high-quality images and copies that match the original
  • Match your scanner speed with your printer speed to optimize your workflow

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