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Maps & GIS: When details are important

Image quality is essential when it comes to digital analysis. Without an accurate scan which captures every detail both detail both in relation to color and dimensional stability, the image has little value.

To convert images to points, lines, polygons and annotations GIS users rely on the image quality provided only by our best scanners.

A job well done is impossible without the right tools. With our HD Ultra series, you get best-in-class quality and high reliability. Our IQ FLEX scanner lets you place your fragile originals on the flatbed scanner yourself leaving all the worries behind. Or aim somewhere in the middle and get a little bit of both with the IQ Quattro feed-through scanner.

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Avoid unwanted patterns when scanning raster images

With Nextimage’s Descreening resolution type, you can avoid the typical moiré-like interferences (wavy patterns across the pictures), you often experience when you scan raster images.  But that is not all our software can do. Nextimage can capture and improve your maps using advanced color reduction options. Enhanced lighting systems allow you to scan folded documents without even a hint of the fold being visible. Other filters such as white and black point settings enhance old maps making them look new again. Sharpening and Smoothening filters work together to enhance fine details and lines while blending large fill areas to make them look more appealing.

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Clean up your originals, scan them and use simple Nextimage tools to clean them up so you just have sharp colors and crispy clear lines left.


“The HD Ultra X is ultra-fast, and we are able to produce the highest-quality scans the market has to offer, which says a lot about the quality of the Contex scanner.”

Jonathan Palmer, Team Lead for the ScanLab, General Land Office


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