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Designed to optimize results for every use.
NextImage brings out the unseen details and restores originals.

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The award-winning software for large format scanning!


Scan, enhance and save your originals in one single flow

Nextimage 5 is more than just scanning software. Designed to optimize results for every use Nextimage brings out unseen details and restores even the faintest originals. Scan in vibrant color in sRGB, Adobe RGB or even full 48-bit with selected scanners. Capture and improve maps using advanced color reduction options. Digitize and restore monochrome originals with unique adaptive filters and advanced background suppression.

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Our revolutionary & worldwide used software is now available 30 days for free. Get to try our adaptive threshold algorithm & scan your blueprints in higher resolution than ever seen before. If that isn’t enough we have countless of other features such as smoothen/ sharpening filters. What are you waiting for? It’s only one click away!




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