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As the world grows increasingly digital the need to scan art and photos has grown as well. If you are an artist or a photographer you know how important it is to take care of your originals. Artwork, in particular, can be fragile and hard to keep in perfect condition. In our experience artists are not particularly pleased to feed their one of a kind artwork through a feed-through scanner. Being able to place the original with your own steady hands makes all the difference. That´s exactly why we have made flatbed scanners like the IQ Flex.

Oversize scanning

At Contex we always try to develop features which enables you to work smarter before, during and after you scan. Sometimes you may even need to scan originals that are larger than the scan glass. With the stitching feature, you can do just that. We´ve also made sure that you can change the settings directly on the touchscreen. We call it “walk up and scan”. Editing and color correction is easily done afterwards in the editing program of your choice. We recommend our award-winning software Nextimage 5.

Keep the original safe and sound

Letting the scanner handle your favorite piece of art can be scary. With a Contex flatbed scanner, you are in total control. It is all in your careful hands. And the scan result will make you feel like you have thousands of originals – it is that good! In addition, our HD Ultra scanner can give you the excitement of high-quality at a higher pace if that is what you need.

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Give life to your artwork and your photos

Every artist/photographer care about getting the very best version of their original when they scan. That is why our software provides you with the very best options in color management, CLC (Close Loop Color) and ICC profiles. Nextimage brings out unseen details and restores even the faintest originals, all in the perfect color. Scan in vibrant color in sRGB, Adobe RGB or scan and save full 48-bit files with selected scanners.

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Oversize scanning on IQ FLEX video

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Scan your oversize artwork using Contex IQ FLEX flatbed scanner


Due to its impeccable color match abilities, HD Ultra is a great choice if you want to scan artwork and photos. In addition, this large format scanner has multiple features, like the Feather Mode, which will ease your workflow and protect your originals.

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IQ FLEX is a great choice for artwork. Just place it gently on the flatbed scanner and your art will be perfectly safe while being scanned. In addition, IQ FLEX has a feature which intelligently stiches oversized pieces together. Scan as much as you can – and then scan the rest. It will still end up as a single scan and piece of art.  Scanner img

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