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Scanners for archiving

Archiving large format documents

A digital archive should safeguard your originals while also making them readily available when needed. The task of scanning your document is only a small part of the process. Preparation before scanning and validation and archiving after scanning can be very time-consuming.

Try the Scan Station Pro! Your new best friend will save the day by making the whole before and after scanning procedure much easier for you.

At Contex we provide solutions for all types of archiving needs. Whether you prefer to archive ad-hoc or to create a complete “productivity machine”, we have the solution. Some of our scanners can even scan hundreds of scans per hour, depending on the state and size of the original of course. We create the best high-productivity environments in the business and still deliver the best quality every time.

A fast scanner speeds up the scanning process… a productive scanner improves your entire workflow.

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Nextimage saves you valuable time

Nextimage has a Batch-scanning feature, which means you can focus on inserting documents into the scanner instead of interacting with your PC. Each image will be enhanced, automatically sized and even named for you.

In addition, using our easy-to-use Presets you don’t have to do a new setup every time you scan a document, the software remembers. This saves you valuable time you can use on what really matters to you. But that is not all our software can do.

Nextimage brings out unseen details and restores even the faintest originals. Scan in vibrant color in sRGB, Adobe RGB or even scan and save full 48-bit file with selected scanners.

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ScanStation Pro is the solution for the professional environment  – high quality at a high pace.

The solution includes

  • Nextimage 5 REPRO software
  • low or high floor stand
  • 22-inch touchscreen
  • arms for monitor and bracket
  • shelves for PC and keyboard
ScanStation Pro

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